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[Product Design]

Professional field

Their exists a broad range of oportunities for a Product Designer that reflect all the productive sectors for which the manufacture of consumer goods and their packaging is necessary.

Sectors such as furniture, jewelry, lighting, toys and infant equipment, automotive, marine, household, packaging, building materials, sports equipment, etc need highly skilled designers to create and develop products for market, where by through differentiation, improved design and quality standards - the products commercial success is achieved.

Students that complete our Bachelor Degree in Product Design program have high employability in both furthering their independent design studies or joining the creative departments of companies in all the aforementioned industries above.

In this way, the students are forged into professionals with solid foundation and the multidisciplinary adaptability that allows them the freedom to work in different areas where they can develop their careers.

A sampling of their services would include:

• Packaging Design.
• Footwear Design.
• Recreation and Toy Design.
• Electrical appliance Design.
• Furniture Design for the home & office.
• Consumer and Urban Elements Design.
• Lighting and Fixtures Design.
• Design in the Automotive Field.
• Tool and Accessories Design.
• Ceramic product Design.
• Toilet and faucet Design.
• Textile & Craft Design.
• System Design.
• Household and Kitchen Product Design.
• Design Management.
• Product development.
• Research and development of new concepts, materials, applications and design products.
• Design Research and Design Education.

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