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[Product Design]

Academic Standards

The Bachelor Degree in Artistic Design must be realized in person, on-campus.


The first registration must include a full course load.

Renouncement of registration. The student may request his or her renouncement of registration before the School Board in September. With this renouncement, the registrations fees will not be refunded.


Number of convocations:

Every course year will include two convocations for each specialty.

There are a total of 4 possible convocations to apply for each specialty – except for the Internship / Work Experience, and the Final Project , which will be 2 convocations.

When and if the convocations are filled, the student can apply to the Director of the School to grant a the consession of a “Special Convocation”, claiming good cause, within 15 days after the announcement that the fourth convocation has been filled.

The concession of the “Special Convocation” only grants the student to the examination without the right to attend class.

Cancellation of convocation:

If you are not present to the examinations, you forego the convocation. Unless you first solicit a cancellation request.

The deadline for requesting the cancellation of ordinary convocation ends on the last working day of January for the subjects in the first quarter, and the last working day in May for the other subjects. The cancellation of the “ Special Convocation” can be requested up untill a week before conducting the test.

Requests for cancellation must be addressed to the Director of the School, proving just cause; simple lack of academic achievement is not admissable.


The maximum stay at the School will be 6 academic years per specialty.


Assessment is continuous. The student's attendance in class is mandatory.

The evaluation criteria are specified in the educational programs.

Evaluation of a student’s Final Project is dependent on the student having passed all the subjects in the curriculum.

Grades will be numerical, from 0 to 10 with a decimal, and could also include a qualitative grade:

0 to 4.9: suspended (SS)
5.0 to 6.9, approved (AP)
7.0 to 8.9: notable (NT)
9.0-10: outstanding (SB)

High Honors may be awarded to alumni/ae with a grade of 9.0 or higher, with the understanding that a maximum of one High Honor may be granted for every 20 students enrolled in the subject. When the enrollment is less than 20 students per subject, only one High Honors may be granted.


Complaint may be lodged against final grades to the Director of the School within two business days after the public announcement of the qualification.

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