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[Fashion Design]

Professional field

The studies of our Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design program are based on professional training that allows rapid incorporation into the labor market; preparing our students with the capacity to incorporate from student to working professional in the field of design; whether it be creating their own line and/or project or rather entering into the design department of leading established companies in the world of fashion.

The fashion designer is a professional capable of conceptually and physically creating textile products for the fashion industry, all the while addressing the needs and market trends, of creativity, of innovation, of the viability of its technical-productive design, of economic, of environmental and sociocultural concerns.

The main areas where it operates include:

- Fashion Design and clothing.
- Coolhunter - Research trends.
- Stylist.
- Art Director.
- Stage Costume and film.
- Accessories Designer.
- Textile Design.
- Design and management of corporate image.
- Business Management of creative activities.
- Custom designs or corporate.
- Fashion Design and clothing for specific activities.
- Fashion illustration.
- Tailoring.
- Design, research and development of new concepts, materials, applications and products.
- Research and teaching.

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