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Mestre Mateo

[Fashion Design]


Our Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design program is based on the search for new aesthetic forms for the formation of professionals in the field of design.

The objective is to stimulate creativity by providing the tools necessary for the proper development of fashion projects. Illustration, image, software, and marketing techniques are essential elements for the complete formation of a Designer.

The Designer is a researcher, a creator with an extraordinary aesthetic sensitivity, and intuition to recognize and anticipate trends. Fashion now is representative of a project in which the concept is the protagonist during the creation process. The figure of a Design Professional has changed, and now encompasses more and more disciplines. The Designer needs to be more creative and more versatile, with a greater understanding of communication strategies and sales.

Career opportunities offered to the graduates of these studies are an example of the versatility of the fashion world that is in constant motion. Designers and stylists need adequate preparation to become highly skilled and competitive professionals in this field.



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