Escola de Arte
e Superior de Deseño
Mestre Mateo



Vacancies: 20

Placement Types:

Direct Placement
  • Art and Design Degree Graduates

20% of vacancies
Placement through specific test
  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • University Exam for persons aged 25 years or older

  • Maturity Test for non-degree holding persons over the age of 19

80% of vacancies


The admission test will be held at least once a year and will be centalized for all the Schools of Design in Galicia.

Passing the aforementioned tests is only valid for that specific course year. It assures the student enrollment in any institution of higher learning in Spain that has the specific design studies the student has tested for.

Maturity Test

• unique for all specialties of the Design Degree
• capable of discussing common highschool subjects
• will qualify as fit or unfit. The applicants designated as “fit” will be permitted access to the Specific Test

Specialty Exam

• Differentiated for the specific Design Degree specialties
• Capable of disscussing any knowledge, skills and abilities that refer to those specific studies
• The score will be quantified by a number from 0 to 10, to the hundreth of a point. It will result from the arithmetic mean of scores on the two parts of the exam. The student passes the exam with an final average score of 5.00.

Structure of the exam:

Part 1: a three hour written exam on:

• History of art
• History of applied arts, craftwork and design
• Design in the specialty that the student aims to study

Part 2: a four hour exam with two drawing exercises:

• 1st exercise: freehand mimetic drawing using a graphite pencil on size A3 paper of a model or from the documentation provided, specific to the students field of study that has been proposed by the council.
• 2nd exercise: freehand drawing of the previous model, using the appropriate systems and techniques for the representation of your specialty, as defined by the council.

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